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Hey there, I’m Hannah Ann, and welcome to my world of all things tasty, crafty and stylish! I’m a lover of food, handmade things and fashion, and I’m thrilled to share my passions with you here on my website. Born and raised in East Tennessee, I come from a family that loves to cook so it’s safe to say that my love for cooking and crafting runs deep in my blood. As for fashion, well, I’ve always been a bit of a girly girl who loves experimenting with new styles and playing dress up. 

While I’ve been in the spotlight thanks to my stint on The Bachelor, my true passions are in the kitchen and in my home decorating. So, whether you’re looking for a delicious recipe to try, a fun DIY project to tackle or some style inspiration, I’m here to help you out. So, let’s get cooking, crafting and styling, shall we?

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Discover Your Inner Fun

My cooking approach is warm, welcoming, and supportive, and I’m committed to providing you with the tips and support you need to have fun while doing it yourself.


DIY projects boost creativity and mood. Make fun things for home or self with easy supplies like glue, fabric or paint. No need to be an artist with a little imagination. Discover a new hobby for extra joy each day.


You can achieve a chic and on-trend look at an affordable price. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors, and textures to create a bold statement. Adding accessories such as hats, scarves, and earrings can enhance your personal style and give it a touch of personality. When choosing your outfit, prioritize your comfort and wear what makes you feel good. When you feel comfortable, you radiate confidence and exude a positive energy that others will notice.


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